Dekoy Records is a dubstep/DnB label based in Newcastle, UK.
The label was established in 2009 with a debut digital release featuring Havok and Substasis following shortly after. Since this
we have been receiving demos on a daily basis from producers of dubstep, DnB and Garage to name a few. We have put out releases from producers such as Craig Dance, Code Zero, Fuzz2k, CBA, Reign and Havok.

We are very open minded when it comes to different styles within the Dubstep and DnB genres and we aim to bring variety and originality to the scene.

We are now at the point where we are releasing tunes on a regular basis and we aim to keep searching for heavy beats in order to keep the releases coming.
Our releases have been climbing further up  the download charts recently which has given us the exposure we need to get bigger and better sounds out there more frequently.

Expect more big names and releases in 2011 and keep showing our artists your support!

Big up!