DEK008 Mr MUC "Positive Vibes" out now posted 11/05/11
DEK008 is now available from all good online download stores, see the releases page for download links. More releases coming soon, stay posted for details.

DEK008 Mr MUC - Positive Vibes Out 09/05/11 on Dekoy posted 01/04/11
We are happy to announce we have some seriously heavy Drumstep tracks on the way for DEK008 from Mr MUC. If you haven't already heard this guy you need to check out what you're missing. Click here to check out some of his tracks on soundcloud. The EP entitled "Positive Vibes" consists of 3 drumstep bangers "Positive Vibes", "Low Roller" and "Cosmic Warp". This hits stores on May 9th so be sure to get your hands on it!

DEK007 Havok - Unfinished Business EP Out now!! posted 21/02/11
Havok's "Unfinished Business" EP is available now from all the usual download stores. For download links check out the releases section.
Also become a fan of Havok on Facebook by clicking here.
As well as this release we have tracks forthcoming from MUC, Nomad and Philth plus more to be confirmed... some big releases there so make sure you check back soon for release dates!

DEK006 Out now! posted 17/01/11
DEK006 Reign - Badman Sound EP is out now on the usual download stores, see the release section for download links and visit our Soundcloud to hear the tracks.

DEK006 & DEK007 Release Dates Confirmed posted 10/01/11
The release date for DEK006 Reign - Badman Sound is 17/01/11.
DEK007 Havok - Unfinished Business will be out 21/02/11.
You can check out Reign here and give Havok a listen here.
For more info on these releases check out the releases page.

Happy New Year! posted 02/01/11
Happy New year from the Dekoy crew! 2011 should be a big year for Dekoy with tons more huge releases to go down on the catalogue. The first two EPs of 2011 will have release dates posted over the next week or so to kick things off so check back for those! Also thanks to everyone who has supported us over the past year, we are beginning to establish ourselves as a label thanks to everyone who has bought our releases and spread the word, it's appreciated!

DEK005 CBA - Noise Grenades OUT NOW posted 23/11/10
To listen to both tracks head over to our Soundcloud page by clicking here.

DEK004 OUT NOW! posted 15/11/10
Fuzz2k - Horde is out in all good download stores now! Get your copy by heading over to the Releases page. Next up CBA!

DEK004 & DEK005 Release Dates posted 15/10/10
Both these releases will hit the stores in November. DEK004 Fuzz2k - Horde is out 15/11/10 and DEK005 CBA - Noise Grenades will be out the following week 22/11/10. More releases yet to be confirmed!

DEK003 Out Now! posted 11/10/10
Code Zero - Torpedo is out now on all good download stores. Check out the Releases section for the download links.

DEK003 Release Date Confirmed posted 31/08/10
"Torpedo" by Code Zero is next up to be released, that will hit stores on 11/10/10. You can check out Code Zero here.

Craig Dance "Rock The Disco" Out now!! posted 24/08/10
Craig Dance's "Rock The Disco" EP hit all good download stores yesterday, head over to the release section for more info.

Releases, Releases and more Releases! posted 27/07/10
As it stands the only confirmed forthcoming release is Craig Dance Rock the Disco, however we can confirm that we have agreed to a long list of other releases for some real talented up and coming dubstep producers. The next few months is going to be very busy here at Dekoy, check back here soon for more confirmed release dates!

DEK002 Release date Confirmed posted 27/07/10
Craig Dance's "Rock the Disco" is the next Dekoy release. It features 2 tracks; Rock The Disco/Swing & Skank. It will be available on all good online download stores from August 23rd 2010.

DEK001 Out in stores now posted 29/03/10
Remember DEK001 with Rubix and Substasis is available for download in our store, grab it while you can!

Website Live! posted 29/03/10